Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game Journal - 8.30.08

Dairyland Dolls vs. the Burning River Roller Girls All-Stars

Incident - More and more, I've been feeling like I'm holding pre-bout ref and ref-captain meetings just because, and that there's nothing that is covered that requires a meeting before hand. Nevertheless, I know that that's not true, that it's important to have these.

Comments - I need to be better prepared for these meetings, I should prepare a standard meeting list of bullet-points that I have with me. There's lots of things that always happen that are a pain that could be taken care of, largely game-flow issues, how long half-time will be, what time we start, benches, etc. Preparation is key.

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  1. Once 3.0/3.1 were issued, I stopped spending time during pre-bout meetings discussing how we called the rules (what constitutes an elbow, etc -- maybe not needed in most leagues but we were reffing a lot of teams that were in their first year) and now concentrate on stylistic issues --> how we'll do official reviews, whether taking out yr mouthguard is a major or minor, having captains meet with the head ref briefly after each period to discuss potential problems, etc.