Sunday, November 30, 2008

Game Journal - 8.30.08

Dairyland Dolls vs. the Burning River Roller Girls All-Stars

Incident - More and more, I've been feeling like I'm holding pre-bout ref and ref-captain meetings just because, and that there's nothing that is covered that requires a meeting before hand. Nevertheless, I know that that's not true, that it's important to have these.

Comments - I need to be better prepared for these meetings, I should prepare a standard meeting list of bullet-points that I have with me. There's lots of things that always happen that are a pain that could be taken care of, largely game-flow issues, how long half-time will be, what time we start, benches, etc. Preparation is key.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Game Journal - 8.23.08

Team Unicorn vs. The Hamilton Harlots

Incident - As this was a fairly inexperienced crew when compared to what I was used to, it fell to me (and they made this clear) to do my best to train them up on many of the best practices the WFTDA employs, something I should note I was happy to do, I don't want it to sound like they saddled me with this responsibility. The one that proved the most problematic was communication between inside and outside referees, and between pack and jam referees. Communication in general really I guess. This sort of problem resulted in several unwarranted jam call-offs and the appearance that I, as a pack referee, was calling lead jam or not.

Comments - I'd discussed how these communications usually work in a bout with them, and while it was clear they weren't totally grasping it, I made the decision to stop trying to explain it, and to just let them see it in action, figuring it would click during the bout. That, however, did not happen as quickly as I'd hoped. In retrospect, the times I've seen it click easily is when all but one or two of the referees are already comfortable with the system, instead of only having one or two who are familiar with it. In addition it wasn't the only new thing for them. I suppose I should have spent more time working with them pre-bout. All that said, I thought they caught on and adapted to everything I through at them like real pros. So maybe it wasn't all bad.