Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game Journal - 3.22.08 and Men's Derby


Incident 1 - Towards the end of the second period in a close game, a score discrepancy was found from the previous jam. I brought the jam ref and score keeper together, they agreed that the score board was wrong. At this point I sent the score keeper to go update the scoreboard and stats table, waited for her to return, and then started the next jam. Apparently it was half way through this jam before the score was actually updated.

Comments - I should have at least made sure the score got changed before we started, but really should’ve done the notifying myself. I also should have made doubly sure that the team captains knew what was going on, which I thought I did, but may have forgotten to do because it was so easy a change (no one disagreed).

Incident 2 - A vital piece of our safety system was apparently missing for the whole first period. I was not notified of it’s absence until the end of the first period.

Comments - While ensuring this was and is not my job, overall safety is. I will be sure that I check before each bout, regardless of who’s job it is to do so, to make sure we never have a repeat of this incident.

Men’s Derby Supplement! From ten minute expo bout on 3.29.08 featuring the New York Shock Exchange and the Midwest Men’s Roller Derby

Incident 1 - After the first jam ended I stopped paying attention and just started going back to my starting spot. As such I missed seeing a skater go down, as did everyone else.

Comments - While this was no one’s fault (the fall), and it was noticed that it had happened (simply, no one actually SAW it happen), it could have been much worse. It could have been a late hit, or someone falling where it wasn’t obvious. I need to remember that I should always be paying attention, there is always something that could happen, even before and after a bout, much less a jam.