Saturday, April 26, 2008

Game Journal - 1.26.08

Incident 1 - I delayed the reporting of several minor penalties in order to clarify an already enforced major.
Comments - Should have waited until between jams to clarify that the call was a major, it had been enforced and mistake was not immediately effecting game play.

Incident 2 - Repeatedly tried to call in a single minor, probably resulting in missed calls on other penalties.
Comments - Need to get better at remembering several minors, so I don't need to report each one or two before I can call more. Also, need to work with rest of the crew to improve reporting process.

Incident 3 - Unintentionally yelled at a team rep who was trying to clarify a call between jams. I assumed she was mistaking me for the Head Ref.
Comments - Need to work on switching my voice from calling volume during jams to communicating volume between them. Also, need to hear questions out before I assume I understand them, even when not Head Ref.