Friday, May 23, 2008

Game Journal - 2.23.08

Incident 1 - Didn't feel as in tune with Pack or Jam refs as I have in the past. Specifically I felt overwhelmed and more like I was waiting to hear them call things rather than seeing the fouls and seeing them call it.
Comments - I've been taking myself out of the middle in practice to work on jam reffing, I need to do better at equalizing my time at practice.

Incident 2 - Saw a possible late hit, but I wasn't sure of it. Instead of giving a penalty, or doing nothing, I skated over and reminded the skater to listen for and be conscious of the four whistles.
Comments - After this I had no more problems with this type of thing, so i think this was effective and I should be more conscious of when I can give effective warnings like this one (though not INSTEAD of a deserved penalty).

Incident 3 - Sent a player off the track to rectify a situation involving too many on the track, she went to the penalty box because she didn't understand what was going on. Once the jam ended I sent her back to her team bench and considered the matter closed. Later I learned that she'd gotten her minors cleared, incorrectly.
Comments - I should have followed up with our head ref AND both of our penalty tracking assistants to let them know why she'd been sent off and that she should not have her minors reset.

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